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Tuesdays with Truffles - 5th November 2019

Below is a picture of our friend Lena, with an Italian Spinone puppy.

The Windsong family probably isn’t aware that my Jen used to have Spinone - and Golden Retrievers too...and Lena was her first Field Trial instructor and mentor in 1977. Lena passed away 2 weeks ago and I want to tell you about our special time together just before she passed.

We went to the Hospice House and Jen was going to leave me in the car (not unusual) but I demanded to go in. Jen listened to me and I pulled all the way to the door. We went to Lena’s room and Jen spoke to Lena, who was in a coma, while I sat by a chair. After Jen sat down, I ran to the bed, put my paws up on the side of the bed and looked back and forth from Jen to Lena and then quietly began to make my chatting sound. Jen knew that I wanted to get up and see Lena so she lifted me up and put me on the bed. I gently crawled up on Lena’s chest and put my chin against hers.... Lena opened her eyes and began to rub me... back and forth... patting and patting....then she took my leash with 2 fingers and held on.

Lena passed away the next day..

Lena was my first “official” visit as a Therapy Dog.... I brought joy to her family watching her pat me.. and “familiar dog memories” to Lena as she was leaving. Jen didn’t teach me any of that... we dogs just know...

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