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Tuesdays with Truffles - 19th November 2019

Truffles here...yup, this is me with a very sharp steak knife in my mouth...

No Shih Tzu were harmed in the making of this photo BECAUSE I was taught to TRADE when I was a wee pup...

Humans think we know when we have something we shouldn’t have... we don’t really - it’s all that excitement of humans yelling, “ drop it, get the dog, grab it, give me that” and the chasing! THAT is our clue that perhaps you don’t want us to have something!!

If you teach us to “TRADE” in a calm, quiet voice, and not chase us, no matter WHAT we have, we will not run or swallow small things...

Your trade item must be a VERY yummy treat and we need to practice it with toys BEFORE I show up with something as horrifying as a sharp knife!

Once you teach us this you will love it- no more yelling, grabbing or chasing AND kids can do this too - it’s their stuff that is often picked up by us! Great self-esteem booster for kids - just make sure it’s a GREAT treat that we can’t refuse...

As for the knife - Jen said, “Oh Truffles, what a good girl, look what you have, want to trade?” I sure did - dropped the knife as fast as I could to make room for the treat that was coming!

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