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Tuesdays with Truffles - 12th November 2019

Truffles here with my older sister Paisley - she’s 7 and came to live with us several months ago... she thought I was too young and wild at first... but now, we love each other...

So! Those of you who have added a new puppy to an existing older dog, have patience! AND, it will go better if you keep the “young one” on a harness and leash when “loose” and DO NOT let them chase, jump on or chew on the older dog... let the older dog approach and back up as they desire,without fear of being “jumped”... Otherwise, the older dog may get “crabby” and take an early dislike to the youngster..

Be sure to continue to do special things with the older dog ALONE- like it used to be. That is important for them AND the pup needs to learn to be ALONE- not always with the older dog - so they can learn to be independent. So give us some time, have patience and expect we will work it out...after all, we know more about being dogs than you do..

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