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Tuesdays with Truffles - 26th November 2019

....with guest star DOOGIE!

Truffles here...As promised, here is the video of STEP ONE of “face training”. The key points are: Go SLOWLY...If we resist, it means the human is moving ahead too our trust in you!

Only 10 treats per session so you keep your sessions BRIEF.. make it FUN for us... Use a word or a sound ( Jen uses “yup” for me, some little kids use “beep”!!) that you say as you touch us - that means “here comes a treat”! We like just the finger from a cotton garden glove (soaked in warm water) better than a big cloth covering our face...

As for cutting the hair around our eyes, that is a bit trickier... we will cover that next time... in the meantime, help us learn to LOVE having ALL parts of our face touched - and let the groomer trim the hair around our eyes!

Happy Turkey Day!!!


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