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Tuesdays with Truffels - 3rd December 2019

I heard that several of you want to learn to ring bells to go out - so here is how I learned...

Points to remember: Have a word or a sound that you say the INSTANT we touch ( Jen uses “yup”...don’t use a word that you use in conversation - that will confuse me when I hear you say it randomly! DO NOT say “touch” yet..

If you are timid about sounds, add a step: Have you human jingle the bells AWAY FROM THE DOOR, gently at first and give you a yummy treat after the jingle - repeat until you are comfortable with the sound.

And remind your humans that they need to JUST WAIT and let you do it - no talking!

This is VERY FUN! Enjoy and post some videos of your progress! Here is a condensed version of the plan!

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