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Tuesdays with Truffles - 4th June 2019

Truffles here… June 3, 2004, my sister WINK was born at Jen Noun’s…that makes today her FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY! She came to live with Jen and Kathy at the age of 8 weeks - and THAT was amazing because Jen was a “big dog” person and Wink was her first wee dog.

Many years before Wink came to our house, Jen met a man who was holding a little dog. She asked if she could pat the dog and while doing so the man asked, “Are you a little dog person?” “Oh no, I’m a big dog person”, Jen replied. The man then said, “I’m going to tell you something that you will remember many years from now… 

There are only TWO kinds of dog people…. Those that love little dogs and those that have not yet had their heart stolen by a little dog”.

Sure enough, many years later, Wink stole Jen’s heart. She has been her constant companion and business partner ever since. She started Wee Dog classes and Wee Dog Romps on the NorthShore….she has helped children learn to read….she has visited Nursing Homes and helped folks to smile wherever she has gone.

She even influenced several other “big dog folks” to get a Shih Tzu, or two themselves!

Yes, Wink totally stole Jen’s heart… and today that heart is broken…we unexpectedly said goodbye to Wink this morning…on her Fifteenth Birthday. 

Jen tells me that I am head of the house now, but I’m not so sure…Wink had a very strong energy and although she only weighed 9 pounds, those are very big paws to fill…

One more thing that Jen wanted me to mention…please don’t be “sorry for our loss”…please join us in Gratitude for the wonderful things that each and every Shih Tzu brings to their humans….Wink set the example and led the way for fifteen joy-filled years.

Our grief is immense, as it should be…matching our huge love for the little dog who stole our hearts so many years ago.

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