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Tuesdays with Truffles - 25th June 2019

Truffles here…..if any of you have thought about becoming a THERAPY DOG, I would highly suggest it! You get to visit all kinds of people and help them smile while they pat you and tell you how adorable you are. 

Our breed is made for this… Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, visiting schools during exam week to help relieve stress, listening to children read to you, prison visits, hospital visits - anywhere a smile is needed we can do it! You can not be certified until you are 1 year old BUT you can start your training for it at any age…If you think you might be interested and would like to know more about it, have your human contact my human (Jen Kesner) and she can provide more details. 

In the meantime, here are 2 short videos of me at my Nana’s Assisted Living facility… one where I find her door with my nose and then “knock and chat” until she opens it…. And the other where I proudly walk her to the dining room for lunch….Enjoy!

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