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Tuesdays with Truffles - 10th September 2019

Truffles here... I have a grin on my face because of what I accomplished on Sunday... I am now the FIRST and ONLY Shih Tzu to earn the Performance Scent Dog ADVANCED Nose Work degree!

I had to successfully complete 3 Building searches, 3 Exterior searches, 3 Container searches, 3 Distance Searches AND, the hardest for me, 3 SPEED searches - that is finding 2 hides in 45 seconds - 3 times!! Jen and I LOVE this sport.

And a REMINDER-SHIH TZU SHENANIGANS - October 19 from 11-3 in Danvers.. come and meet your relatives... enjoy playing together and watch the humans eat great food! Hope to see you all there

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