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Tuesday with Truffles - 9th July 2019

Truffles here! In response to many requests from my Windsong relatives I am going to bark about thunder and fireworks and the use of THUNDER SHIRTS and CBD OIL!

THUNDER SHIRTS - Wonderful BUT! The company does a terrible job explaining how to use them….if the humans put the shirt on you whenever something that scares you is happening, then no wonder you don’t want to wear the shirt - you learn that shirt = bad things are going to happen!

Ask them to put it on you ONLY WHEN YOU ARE DOING YOUR MOST FUN THINGS so that you can make the connection that the shirt makes you feel HAPPY….

This needs to be done a lot so that you LOVE IT when they bring out your shirt.

THEN, after you have made a great connection with your shirt and you feel like a super hero in it, you can start to wear it in situations where you need some support to be brave. Keep wearing it in happy times too so you can keep it “super-charged” with good energy!

CBD OIL - A GREAT but often misunderstood product! It really helps a lot with anxiety ( and lots of other things) - for you AND your human. I could go on and on about it but the main things you need to now are:

It is made from HEMP and there is NO THC in it so you can not get high from it.

Your human needs to be SURE that it is ORGANIC and that it says FULL SPECTRUM on the bottle - that means it was made from all the parts of the plant, not just the leaves…. If it is not full spectrum you will not get the results that you are looking for - that’s why some dogs say that they tried it and it did not work…

It is really good for inflammation, sleeping better and a whole lot of other things too so have your human look into it for you and keep some on hand for this nasty thunderstorm season.

This is a picture of me (on the right) with my new sister, Paisley, during the last thunderstorm…love that CBD!

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