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Tuesdays with Truffles - 7th May 2019

TUESDAYS WITH TRUFFLES! Truffles here... not sure who that dog was at Shenanigans on Saturday...but that is one awful grooming job!! We would like to express our HUGE gratitude to each and every human for all that you brought and did to help... AND, we are THRILLED to announce that the cash and checks donations came to $939... and I understand that several others have or will be donating on line... That is way beyond our hopeful expectations - I am proud to be associated with such a caring and generous group. Kathy’s photos will be posted later this week.... Two more quick bits of business... 2 folks purchased the flea and tick spray and I don’t seem to have checks for those..

AND! Many forgot to complete the evaluations - the big question is SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 or SUNDAY OCTOBER 20 for the next Shenanigans??? If everyone would weigh in - including those who could not make it this time - we will try to go with the majority...

Thanks for having your humans “Uber” you to Shenanigans... Stay tuned for some NEW ADDITIONS to the October’s Shenanigans!!


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